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About CounterIntuitive Strategies

Our Story

We are sales professionals who have continually searched for ways to improve our performance. We wanted to sell more to earn more. Part of every sales job was to predict, or forecast, what would close and when. Winning business while attempting to forecast was a constant challenge.

In attempts to increase sales, our employers engaged training companies to teach concepts like: overcoming objections, better negotiating, presentation skills and more. In reality these were pixels. These programs never painted a full picture of success.

From our employers we needed a roadmap to sales success. Instead, we were taught product features and told about available sales support resources. There were marketing brochures, slide shows, demonstration experts, and more. What we never heard was “Here is how you sell this solution.” Figuring that out was up to us.

We were continually polled to predict which deals would close and when. There was no standard path to revenue, which made it tough to guess if (or when) deals would close. No standard vocabulary described what exactly was going on in a sale, or what was going to be done to close it.

There were continual discussions about any sales capable of closing. Every sales manager used a different style of probing for what was “important.” This time could have better been spent prospecting for more opportunities and moving them to closure.

We also found frustration among sales managers. There were average players, good players and great players. The great players naturally did things that others could only hope to achieve. The rest of the team was a mixed bag of talent and disciplines.

So, we found sales people lacking the essentials to excel at selling and forecasting. Sales managers had no means of duplicating their best performers. And both shared a genuine need to predict revenue. Yet they lacked the correct infrastructure needed to accomplish revenue certainty.

Welcome to Revenue Certainty

In 1993, CounterIntuitive Strategies was formed to help both sales execs and their leadership team. We realized that sales fundamentals alone would not work. We devised a means of identifying best performance patterns and replicating them across the entire sales team, including leadership.

Those patterns facilitate the ability to tailor a theoretical set of concepts and tools into a made-to-fit process to methodically win. Metrics replace emotion, and vagaries are replaced by precise communications. Sales team members know precisely why they win and lose and they continually assist each other.

Accurate sales metrics produce more precise forecasting. The net effect is that we connect the Board Room to the Street.