Sales Process Consulting

Sales Process Consulting

Connect the board room to the street.

Whether yours is a brand new sales team or a group of seasoned veterans, there are best practice patterns that can be identified and leveraged. The trick is blending best practice patterns with proven sales concepts to develop a sales process that meets your organization’s unique requirements. Since 1993, CounterIntuitive Strategies has been helping sales organizations locate and replicate their best practice patterns across entire sales teams.

Value Proposition

It starts with understanding your solutions’ value proposition. What problems can it solve? What is it worth to solve those problems? Who, in the buying organization, owns those problems? What questions can be asked to determine if those problems exist in a given organization? How can we get them excited about using your solution to solve those problems?

Where Are Your Best Clients?

Next, where are the organizations that would make the best clients? What are the conditions necessary to close a sale in those companies? What are the steps required to move a sales opportunity from prospect to closure?

Managing Buyers

How do we manage the buyers – those people making the buying decision – to closure? What is the Plan of Attack for managing all of this in the next 6 weeks? Which deals are closing this quarter, and what are they worth?

We Can Help.

Let us craft a sales process for your organization that addresses all of the above successfully and consistently. We’ll help you build a winning sales culture that is repeatable and scalable. Let us help you connect the Board Room to the Street.

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