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There is no magic in sales. To the untrained eye, sales success seems to involve magic. The Rainmakers - the 20% who drive 80% of revenues annually – can “see” deals coming together. They know the vital signs of each opportunity and how to use them to manage their way to success.

If you are a sales person, you can become a Rainmaker. If you are a sales leader, you can add more Rainmakers to your team. They will find the best deals, assess and communicate deal status with precision. Strategy will replace emotion. Deals will close on time. And every player on your team will know why.

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CounterIntuitive University:
Sales Mastery On The Go

True sales professionals are constantly seeking that next competitive edge. That’s where CounterIntuitive University comes in. Our eLearning curriculum enables you to continually up your game on-the-go. Use CounterIntuitive U to get to the top and stay there.

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