Sales Training

Training Using Real Sales Opportunities

Once the CI team has tailored a sales process to the specifications of your company’s solutions, classroom training is scheduled. Attendees are not required to do reading or homework prior to class. They simply bring active sales opportunities to class.

As each concept is introduced to the class, sales team members apply those concepts to their live sales opportunities. Higher and higher levels of clarity emerge as the CI concepts are attached to each opportunity. By the end of day one (in a typical 1.5 day training curriculum), sales team members can “read” the following from the Sales Maps they have been completing:

  • Precisely what is being sold, its value (in $ Revenue) and an expected Close Date.
  • How qualified the opportunity is, which Buyers are involved in making the decision and whether there is an imminent transaction or not.
  • The Present Sales Milestone (where the deal is in proximity to closure).
  • A listing of: Leverage Points (strengths), Exposure Points (weaknesses) and Danger Points (problems).
  • A Buyers’ Roster showing: who is involved in the decision and their managers, their Buyer Positions and Styles of Motivation, Desired Business Outcomes and a Friend or Foe Rating.
  • A Plan of Attack describing a Next Logical Sales Milestone and Date, Required Information and Obligations and Sales Events to achieve the stated objective.

This is an incredibly practical application of the process. Every sales person leaves with more than a theoretical understanding of the strategies and concepts. They leave with specific plans to move their sales opportunities closer to closure. And they are taught how to jointly collaborate to create very creative strategies as a group.

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