CounterIntuitive Sales Solutions

Opportunity Management – Locate and Close the Best Deals

This solution is tailored to the specifications of solutions (products and/or services). Digitized qualification criteria (Client Alignment Parameters) enable your team members to score every opportunity then sort the good from the bad. Tailored Sales Milestones provide your team with the shortest path to revenue.

Your sales team will learn to collaboratively assess every sales opportunity and develop Plans of Attack to move opportunities closer to closure by specific dates. This process continues until each sale is won.

Sales Event Management – Compress the Selling Cycle

Every Plan of Attack consists of a series of Sales Events (face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, demonstrations, site visits, etc.). In order to achieve the objective of the Plan of Attack, each sales event must accomplish its mission. This module enables sales team members to plan and execute every Sales Event in a manner that moves the sales opportunity closer to closure.

BuyerViews™ – Win Every Buyer

Success in a complex sale requires convincing multiple decision-makers to select your solution. It’s not enough to be able to capture 50% or even 75% of them. BuyerViews™ are positioning templates that enable your sales personnel to ring the bell with Targeted Buyers. They will raise your sales team’s credibility in the eyes of the Buyers. They’ll also prevent your valuable sales support resources from fielding every question from the field.

Sales Optimization Services – We’ll Get in There With You

We don’t just drop your newly tailored sales process at the dock and disappear. You can have one of our sales experts help analyze individual sales opportunities, participate in strategy sessions to develop new Plans of Attack and prepare for upcoming sales events. This is professional sales coaching at its finest.

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